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Canta Audio Zircon power stage is a solid state design, because of its canning ability to drive various kinds of stubborn, low impedance loads. Zircon’s design approach is almost puristic, with no capacitors on a very short signal path. The philosophy behind Zircon is to have a adequate power along with excellent drive capability, high tempo awareness and an absolutely transparent character, a goal that can only be achieved by a true dual monaural design. All this sums up as a fast, accurate, neutral and -at last- a maximally transparent amplifier who respects the signal fed through its inputs and acts as the proverbial wire with gain. Canta Audio Zircon is a -true- dual monaural design, each channel sharing nothing but the same room with the other. This even includes separate power cables IEC sockets and power switches, as well as soft starts, power transformers, smoothing capacitors and of course output stages. This topology stands for the ultimate channel separation achievable, which equals to a perfect soundstage, real 3D imaging and lifelike dynamics.

Ett fint erbjudande Topaz II & Zircon inkl ett par Pulse B från Vertere (10.150:- nyligen prissänkta lite) 83.700:-.

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