Canta Topaz II
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Canta Audio Topaz line stage is the outcome of several years’ research and development. Most of that time was invested in fine-tuning, reliability checking and proper operation tests. We opted for a tube-based line stage design, as tubes allow for the most minimalistic approach, regarding the number of components needed, in comparison with solid state. Canta Audio’s approach is a sophisticated blend of both past and present eras, to give the best from both worlds. The Topaz line stage identifies itself as a genuine sample of this innovative architecture but most importantly as the axis to connect two basic principles: Natural saturation and neutral behavior. Sophisticatedly voiced using special NOS components from Canta Audio’s stock, the Topaz’s PSU section collaborates with the rest of the circuit, to deliver a wide soundstage, along with openness, lifelike dynamics, natural timbres and low level information in spades; Topaz lets you literally monitor and isolate every detail.

Ett fint erbjudande Topaz II & Zircon inkl ett par Pulse B från Vertere (10.150:- nyligen prissänkta lite) för 83.700:-.

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